All about Hamilton's award-winning boutique studio spa

Welcome to our world of transformative skincare at Skin Solution, Locke Street

Skin Solution, previously known as Wax Lounge, and its story is rooted in the fusion of traditional spa comfort with advanced aesthetic precision. 

Founded by beauty expert Raine, we’re dedicated to crafting bespoke skincare experiences. 

Here, every treatment is an art form, tailored to nourish both your skin and spirit in our thoughtfully designed sanctuary. 

Skin Solution Wax Lounge Hamilton Locke Street Award 1

Discover your natural beauty with Raine

Discover your natural beauty with Raine

Raine, the driving force behind Skin Solution, brings over three decades of beauty expertise. Renowned for her innovative facial techniques and brow artistry, she embodies the fusion of skill and passion. 

As a certified ZO Expert and a ZO Circle Club member, Raine’s dedication to bespoke skincare experiences is unparalleled. Her touch transforms every treatment into a journey of rejuvenation, making Skin Solution a beacon of excellence in the skincare industry.

Experts in skin treatments

Skin Solution Wax Lounge Hamilton Locke Street Award 1

Experts in skin treatments

At Skin Solution, we are passionate about empowering you to achieve your best skin. 

Our Hamilton-based medical spa goes beyond relaxation and indulgence. We offer a curated selection of cutting-edge, results-oriented treatments delivered by a team of highly-skilled skincare experts. 

Led by Raine, a seasoned professional with over 30 years of experience, ZO Expert certification and a ZO Circle Club member, we provide a comprehensive approach to address your unique skin concerns.

Facials tailored to your unique needs

Facials tailored to your unique needs

Facials are more than just a pampering treat – they’re a crucial step in maintaining healthy, radiant skin.

At Skin Solution, we’ve established ourselves as Hamilton’s premier destination for transformative, results-oriented facials. People from across the region trust our expertise to unlock their skin’s full potential.

Not your average laser hair removal clinic

Not your average laser hair removal clinic

Skin Solution isn’t your average laser hair removal clinic.

We’re Hamilton’s premier destination for transformative, long-lasting results – and our reputation attracts clients from across the region seeking a truly exceptional experience.

From pre-treatment preparation to post-treatment care, we prioritize your comfort. Our luxurious spa environment and unwavering support ensure a relaxing and enjoyable experience throughout your hair removal journey.

Renowned for Brazilian wax

Renowned for Brazilian wax

Often regarded as the best place to get waxing in Hamilton, Ontario, we’ve built a reputation for Brazilian waxes that are both effective and comfortable.

Our experienced technicians use a gentle touch and high-quality wax to ensure a smooth, long-lasting result. We understand that getting a Brazilian wax can feel nerve-wracking, but our team creates a welcoming environment where you can relax and trust us to get the job done right. Many clients choose Skin Solution specifically for our Brazilian wax expertise – let us show you why!

How we work

Discover Skin Solution’s dedicated approach to transformative skincare. Our four-step process ensures a personalised, effective journey towards radiant skin.

Consultation & Analysis

Every journey to radiant skin begins with a personalized consultation. Our experts analyze your skin type, discuss concerns, and understand your beauty goals. This in-depth approach ensures a tailored treatment plan that resonates with your unique skincare needs.

Customised Treatment Plan

Based on the consultation, we craft a bespoke treatment plan. Whether it’s a rejuvenating facial, a therapeutic peel, or a cutting-edge laser therapy, each plan is designed to target specific skin issues effectively and holistically.

Relaxing Treatment Experience

Step into our serene treatment rooms where comfort meets technology. Our skilled therapists ensure each session is not just a procedure but a luxurious experience. Relax and unwind as we work our magic, leaving your skin glowing and rejuvenated.

Follow-up & Care

Post-treatment, we don’t just wave goodbye. We provide comprehensive aftercare advice and follow-up support. Our team remains committed to your skincare journey, ensuring sustained results and continuous care, every step of the way.

Ready for your skin revolution?

Take the first step towards impeccable skin with Skin Solution. Book your consultation today and embark on a journey where unparalleled care meets transformative results. Let’s uncover the beauty that awaits you.